The Britford Bridge Trust (the “Trust”) is a charitable trust registered in England & Wales (registered number 1160012)

The Trust was established by Adrian and Jane Frost in 2014 to formalise their long standing charitable support. It is intended to be a permanent endowment  to enable giving beyond the current generation. To date the Trust has made more than 200 grants to a wide range of beneficiaries.

The primary charitable purposes of the Trust are the prevention or relief of poverty; the advancement of education; the advancement of health or the saving of lives; and the advancement of the arts, culture, heritage, or science however any applicant must have national relevance.

The trustees have already fully committed to supporting the fields of medicine and related professions connected to the causes, diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer and other malignant disease and will not be accepting applications for funding in that regard. Similarly the family donates to African causes through established NGOs. As a result the Trustees  regret that they will not consider applications from these areas of need .

In addition the Trustees will give due consideration to the amount of any donation that reaches the intended beneficiary and to the existing reserves and resources of the applicant.

The Trustees typically make grants of between £10,000 to £50,000. Larger amounts may be available in exceptional circumstances.

Applications are invited from UK registered charities for national or international projects.

Regional consideration will only be given to projects in the Dorset and Cambridge areas.

If successive applications are unsuccessful this is a strong indication that the trust is not minded supporting.


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